Nobility:  The Song of the Noble Woman


Noble is a virtue of the presence of God,
Greatest virtue that can be expressed.
Noble to everyone whoever they may be
Before the One God, equality.

Noble is a virtue that affects every soul, as innocence affects the heart.
Woman has one virtue, to be noble ‘til death.
Living nobly is very blessed.  Living your truth is happiness.

A noble woman gives birth to a noble life.
Noble children and surroundings be.
A noble woman looks and lives nobility.
Even if she lives in poverty.  Chorus

And though a mirror’s distorted when it is cracked,
Noble habits build a noble life.
Don’t barter character values for benefits.
Noble one of God does not forget.  Chorus

Nobility is manufactured inside,
Training of exerting self esteem.
To see herself confirms a virtuous face,
Selfless living, grace through time and space.  Chorus

Nahrávka Sangeet Kaur